Rough Stage / 2015

Maher, a Palestinian man, a former political prisoner. He is an electrical engineer by profession but an artist at heart. He dreams of staging a contemporary dance performance in Ramallah. In order to do so, he must deal with his disapproving family, tight budgets and cultural norms. Set in today’s most contested location, Maher’s story is a parable about a society in conflict, where the real war is between dreams and traditions.


- IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam) 2015, nomination in the First Appearance category;

- Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival 2016, Winner of the Best Estonian Film Award;

- East Silver Caravan, Jihlava 2015, Silver Eye nomination in documentary feature category;

- Docpoint Helsinki, 2015;

- Estonian Film Days, Kiev 2016;

- Tempo Documentary Film Festival, Stockholm 2016;

- Semaine des Films Étrangers, Paris 2016;

- Palestine with Love Film Festival, Brussels 2016;

- FIDADOC 2016, Agadir;

- Take One Action Film Festival, Edinburgh & Glasgow 2016;

- Days of Cinema 2016, Sun Bird Award, in competition, Ramallah;

- Estonian Film Week 2016, Strassbourg Cinema Odyssée;

- Listapad 2016, Minsk International Film Festival;

- Escales Documentary Film Festival 2016, in competition, La Rochelle;

- Leeds Palestinian Film Festival 2016;

- Palestinian Film Festival Australia 2016;

- The Panorama of the European Film in Cairo 2016;


- Estonian Young Filmmaker of the Year Award 2016 for the director and cinematographer;

- Winner of the Best Estonian Film Award, Pärnu International Documentary Film Festival 2016;

- Grand Jury Prize, Escales Documentary Film Festival 2016, La Rochelle;