Father Guy / 2017

Father Guy Barbier was a leading figure of the Catholic Church in Finland and Estonia. He was 20 years old and just a layman when the Nazis arrested him in France and sent him to Leipzig to work in an ammunition factory. Through secret channels he contacted the French Resistance, but the Gestapo arrested him and sent him to a series of prisons and concentration camps, including Dachau and Buchenwald. Finally, in a camp in Czechoslovakia. He fell very ill. He was convinced he would die, but two young prisoners of war helped and took care of him with considerable personal risk. Although his condition appeared hopeless, they nursed him back to life. Barbier never forgot these two prisoners: in their sacrifice he discovered his vocation to priesthood.

In the end of his life he was entrusted with an extraordinary mission – to relieve people suffering from the devil from evil spirits. He was the only exorcist in Finland and Estonia until his death in 2011. He died on his ninetieth year on June the 21st in 2011 in Helsinki. His funeral took place at the Helsinki Cathedral and he was buried in Finland according to his will.