Alexander Kvatašidze / director

Alexander Kvatašidze

• background in arts: studied sculpture and painting in Nikoladze Art College and in Tbilisi State University respectively, then film directing in California University in San Jose
• first steps in film business since 2002 – started out as a light technician, then as a cameraman on few documentaries
• in 2003 directed the first documentary together with a friend and in 2006 directed a short fiction; but mostly have worked as a cameraman on many documentaries, until decided to make „See You In Chechnya“
• interested in mountaineering, mountain biking, and trail/bush motorcycling
• forgetting things easily – once forgot to fetch the eldest son from the kindergarten…
• other work related competences: cameraman, director and editor, can be a boom operator or light technician, very bad in Photoshop

Full CV upon request.